Love Story

I don’t have a love story but I have a story about love. A love that has a power to heal or destroy. There was a young woman who needs a man and a man who desperately from her woman. A love or just lust at all. A lust that can take away everything from him while doing everything for her. Maybe she’s in distressed and needs a relief.

Does she in love with him or he is not a loving kind?


Just like a bird that was singing and later found dead.

She wasn’t afraid. She’s not real and not coming back, like she never came. He was with her in his dream like she stole his soul. The rain pours and drowning him slowly.

The wrath of gods thrown at him the first time he looked on her face.


In spite of his lost, he still wants her back. He found himself in the arms of different women, but wanting for her was too much, and he is longing for her touch. She ran away. After all it’s not a crime. He gave what is best for her, his love. Though he hated her much but he loves her still. No other love but her, from first to last. Indeed, it’s not a love story and it just a story about love…a price that he is about to pay.